2018 Tishomingo Rappelling!

The Scout cautiously steps over the edge of the rock cliff and the rope immediately tightens in the carabiner. Belay on, brake on, and a quick glance over his right shoulder. Jump!

That scene was repeated multiple times February 17, 2018 as each Troop 416 Boy Scout took turns rappelling down multiple size cliffs. The chilly, rainy weekend was made enjoyable through the fun of rappelling and a dessert cookoff that night.

In the photos, you’ll see not only the State Park rappelling, but also some rappelling training in the Christian Life Center at St. Marks United Methodist Church.

See photos of Scouts rappelling at Tishomingo State Park

Summer 2017 New Mexico Hike Was a Blast!

Beautiful! Great! Wonderful! Excellent! Difficult!
All these adjectives and more were used to describe the 2017 New Mexico hike in Valle Vidal and Carson National Forest where all participants reached the summit of Wheeler Peak, over 12,000 feet elevation.

This hike is often the highlight of Troop 416 Scouts, and it’s made possible by Scoutmaster Emeritus Mr. Terry Hairston. It’s an adventure that has to be earned by those who have proven their camping and hiking skills over time. At the summit this year, the temperature was 48 degrees with winds gusting 10-20 mph. As we hiked down from the highest point in New Mexico, the temperature dropped rapidly and clouds enveloped us as sleet pelted us for 45 minutes.


2016 Winter Camp at Camp Hood

Nov. 18-22

This week troop 416 attended our first four day winter camp at Camp Hood which differed from our normal two day trips.  There was an attendance of about 21 scouts from troop 416 ranging from tenderfoot to life. There were a few minor hiccups in the trip but as whole the trip was an amazing chance to learn. There was a wide variety of merit badges and events available to the scouts. Two of the favorites were the ATV and cope courses which were reportedly amazing experiences

Even the cold weather could not deter us from having fun.  During the afternoon breaks scouts played two-hand touch and  human Foosball before breaking off to  go to afternoon classes.  In conclusion this years winter camp was an amazing opportunity for advancements in Scouting for all involved.



Sipsey Wildlife Area 2016 Hike

We had a fantastic hike the weekend, January 15-17. We had 6 new hikers, 6 experienced hikers and 5 Adults go on the Sipsey hike. I want to head up any rumors yall may have heard. NO, our older boys weren’t lost on the hike. They were temporarily not on the right path for a few hours. Great learning experience for everyone on this trip! All the new hikers did an excellent job working together as a team at several points. One point the had to lift each other up and through the Eye of the Needle. They worked together on their map and compass skills. Each time they were real close at pinpointing where we were on the map. Very proud of all the boys, young and old, on this trip.