Wilderness Survival Merit Badge Campout

Located at Springwater Ranch, 14 boys and 5 adults from troop 416 went on a campout to earn the Wilderness Survival merit badge, one of the 21 Eagle Scout required merit badges.

The campout went from Friday, Oct. 20 to Sunday, Oct. 22, 2017.

Activities during this campout included cleaning a chicken, cooking a chicken without a stove, lighting a fire without a lighter, build and sleep in a shelter, and learning how to survive in any environment.

The Scouts learned an unplanned lesson during the survival merit badge campout. The survival merit badge campout was very windy, one of the patrol dining flies was picked up by the wind, carried across the campsite, and landed on top of one of the tents, the lesson they learned was always stake down your tent, or in this case, dining fly.

All of the classes this weekend were taught by older, experienced Scouts in Troop 416 rather than from the adult leaders.

Prepared by troop Historian, Bo McFadden


Beaver Day activities

Troop 416 participated in Beaver Day activities September 8-9 at Hood Scout Reservation. Beaver Day is a service opportunity where Scouts help make improvements at the camp.

About 10 Scouts attended in addition to the Scout Leaders. Scouts walked to the new waterfront on the night of the campout to see what the improvements looked like. We enjoyed the Mountain Man casserole cooked in Dutch Ovens for breakfast. That’s sausage, cheese and eggs (we skipped the hash browns).

The day’s work included demolition of the wooden sidewalk in front of an admin building, cleaned up around several campsites, preparing them for upcoming campers. We cleaned out a ditch, using two shovels, where water had backed up. Then we went to campsite 14 and had to find a leak in water pipes. We dug a hole about 2 feet deep and 4 feet in diameter and found the leaking water so Camp staff could work on the major repair.

-prepared with Historian Bo McFadden

Summer 2017 New Mexico Hike Was a Blast!

Beautiful! Great! Wonderful! Excellent! Difficult!
All these adjectives and more were used to describe the 2017 New Mexico hike in Valle Vidal and Carson National Forest where all participants reached the summit of Wheeler Peak, over 12,000 feet elevation.

This hike is often the highlight of Troop 416 Scouts, and it’s made possible by Scoutmaster Emeritus Mr. Terry Hairston. It’s an adventure that has to be earned by those who have proven their camping and hiking skills over time. At the summit this year, the temperature was 48 degrees with winds gusting 10-20 mph. As we hiked down from the highest point in New Mexico, the temperature dropped rapidly and clouds enveloped us as sleet pelted us for 45 minutes.


Eat at Five Guys Flowood this Thursday!

Join us this Thursday, March 30, 2017 between 4 p.m. and 9 p.m. to enjoy great food and great service!

Scouts from Troop 416 will be on hand to bring your food, refill your drinks and clean tables. The great folks at Five Guys share their proceeds from that time with our Troop, as we’re working to raise money for new tents for upcoming campouts. Tell your friends; print the page on the link below and share the news as best you can.


Sipsey Hike 2016

Dec. 16-18 , 2016

Recently thirteen Scouts and five adult leaders from troop 416 as well as a group from Memphis embarked on a hike through the Sipsey Wilderness.  The first night, they split into two groups to start the hike from different trailheads, and everyone hike to the same place for camping, arriving around 2:00 a.m.

Saturday morning everyone got up and began hiking to the “Big Poplar.” Eventually we reached a large waterfall where we ate lunch and got more water. The Scouts split, with one group of five Scouts bushwhacking and trail hiking all day until eventually returning the the previous campsite.  When they got up Sunday morning they hiked out and back to the cars. Meanwhile the other group turned on a side trail to get a few extra hours of unplanned hiking in before getting to the cars.

in the end the small group went to a local Burger King while the large group spent at least four extra hours hiking.  Despite the delay, we all learned  a lot about  the area and had a lot of fun.


2016 Winter Camp at Camp Hood

Nov. 18-22

This week troop 416 attended our first four day winter camp at Camp Hood which differed from our normal two day trips.  There was an attendance of about 21 scouts from troop 416 ranging from tenderfoot to life. There were a few minor hiccups in the trip but as whole the trip was an amazing chance to learn. There was a wide variety of merit badges and events available to the scouts. Two of the favorites were the ATV and cope courses which were reportedly amazing experiences

Even the cold weather could not deter us from having fun.  During the afternoon breaks scouts played two-hand touch and  human Foosball before breaking off to  go to afternoon classes.  In conclusion this years winter camp was an amazing opportunity for advancements in Scouting for all involved.



Pancake fundraiser Dec. 17

Our pancake fundraiser is scheduled for Saturday, December 17, 2016, at Applebee’s on Lakeland Drive, from 7:30a.m. to 9:30a.m. It’s going to be a fun family opportunity for all to enjoy, so please mark this day on your calendar.

Tickets for the breakfast will be $5.00 each. This includes pancakes and sausage. Coffee, tea, and Coca Cola products are included in this price. Orange juice, apple juice and milk will only be available if we purchase it and bring it to the restaurant.


Camp Hood Hullabaloo

October 7-9, 2016

The Camp Hood Hullabaloo was a great opportunity for the Scouts in the Andrew Jackson Council  to experience an array of  activities Hood has to offer. Some of the favorites were the climbing tower, waterfront, and ATV demonstration. There was a  combined attendance of about 30 Scouts, adults, and Webelos from Troop 416.

On Saturday evening there were food trucks selling goods such as chicken on a stick, tacos,  burritos, and more. A live band entertained the Scouts during that night’s events. Hood provided a game truck which was quite the treat for some.  The focal point of the evening was located at the trading post in the center of the camp.  Scouts played games of basketball and gaga ball. The atmosphere was very laid back and fun allowing the Scouts a sense of freedom. Everyone left excited for this year’s winter and summer camps.


Camp Hood family campout

Sept. 16-18 —  The campout had an estimated attendance of 85 Scouts, Webelos,  parents, and other family.  Activities included a high adventure C.O.P.E. course, which  involved a 65 foot climbing tower that had a rope course and, rock climbing wall, rappelling, and zipline.  The zipline was by far the favorite activity of the Scouts. The zipline was at the top of the climbing tower  and was 447 feet long through the pitch black woods.

Previously the older Scouts taught a multitude of Scout skills including first-aid and fire building. The classes operated for 45 minute periods  throughout the morning. Hours of rain plagued our camps with torrents of mud, but even that couldn’t dampen our spirits.