Sipsey Hike December 2018

Several new and experienced hikers joined us for the Sipsey Wilderness Area hike from Friday, November 30 to Sunday, December 2. Warmer-than-usual weather was accompanied by some heavy rain and thunderstorms at times, but none of that dampened the spirit of the Scouts of Troop 416. The creek crossings were challenging, and when the group of experienced Scouts found themselves on the wrong side of a rain-swollen creek too dangerous to cross, they found a fallen tree that let them slowly shimmy across.

Summer 2017 New Mexico Hike Was a Blast!

Beautiful! Great! Wonderful! Excellent! Difficult!
All these adjectives and more were used to describe the 2017 New Mexico hike in Valle Vidal and Carson National Forest where all participants reached the summit of Wheeler Peak, over 12,000 feet elevation.

This hike is often the highlight of Troop 416 Scouts, and it’s made possible by Scoutmaster Emeritus Mr. Terry Hairston. It’s an adventure that has to be earned by those who have proven their camping and hiking skills over time. At the summit this year, the temperature was 48 degrees with winds gusting 10-20 mph. As we hiked down from the highest point in New Mexico, the temperature dropped rapidly and clouds enveloped us as sleet pelted us for 45 minutes.


Eagle Rock Loop Hike in Arkansas

Six adults and eight boys from Boy Scout Troop 416 went to Eagle Rock Loop near Hot Springs, Arkansas. It was a great trip and we all enjoyed it even though it was cut short because of a sprained ankle. Though sadly the sun only shined for a small percentage of time. Long story short by the end of the trip  everyone was drenched head to toe. We were able to hike 17 of the 26.8 miles. Though three boys and two adults hiked more. The small group was able to hike 23 miles. The reason the group were not able to hike the full loop was due to rising rivers because of heavy rain.