Wilderness Survival Merit Badge Campout

Located at Springwater Ranch, 14 boys and 5 adults from troop 416 went on a campout to earn the Wilderness Survival merit badge, one of the 21 Eagle Scout required merit badges.

The campout went from Friday, Oct. 20 to Sunday, Oct. 22, 2017.

Activities during this campout included cleaning a chicken, cooking a chicken without a stove, lighting a fire without a lighter, build and sleep in a shelter, and learning how to survive in any environment.

The Scouts learned an unplanned lesson during the survival merit badge campout. The survival merit badge campout was very windy, one of the patrol dining flies was picked up by the wind, carried across the campsite, and landed on top of one of the tents, the lesson they learned was always stake down your tent, or in this case, dining fly.

All of the classes this weekend were taught by older, experienced Scouts in Troop 416 rather than from the adult leaders.

Prepared by troop Historian, Bo McFadden


Beaver Day activities

Troop 416 participated in Beaver Day activities September 8-9 at Hood Scout Reservation. Beaver Day is a service opportunity where Scouts help make improvements at the camp.

About 10 Scouts attended in addition to the Scout Leaders. Scouts walked to the new waterfront on the night of the campout to see what the improvements looked like. We enjoyed the Mountain Man casserole cooked in Dutch Ovens for breakfast. That’s sausage, cheese and eggs (we skipped the hash browns).

The day’s work included demolition of the wooden sidewalk in front of an admin building, cleaned up around several campsites, preparing them for upcoming campers. We cleaned out a ditch, using two shovels, where water had backed up. Then we went to campsite 14 and had to find a leak in water pipes. We dug a hole about 2 feet deep and 4 feet in diameter and found the leaking water so Camp staff could work on the major repair.

-prepared with Historian Bo McFadden